A Guide to Choosing Plants for Oversized Planters

When it comes to gardening, the size of the pot can have a big effect on how nice your yard looks as a whole. In particular, large pots have many advantages that can make your garden look better and work better.

First and foremost, pots that are too big give plants plenty of room to grow and thrive. Because they are bigger, the roots can grow deeper, which helps the plants grow better and stronger. This means you don’t have to worry about the limits of a smaller pot and can choose a wider range of plants, even ones with bigger root systems.

Best plants for oversized planters in full sun

When putting plants in large pots that get full sun, it’s important to choose plants that can handle the heat and strong light.Geraniums do best in full sun. They are bright flowers that don’t need much care. They have many colors and bloom for a long time, which makes them a popular choice for pots that are too big. Geraniums do best in soil that drains well, and they need to be deadheaded often to keep blooming.Lavender looks beautiful in large pots because it has sweet purple flowers and golden leaves.

It does best in full sun and dirt that doesn’t stay soggy. The smell of lavender is known to calm people down, and it can also bring pollinators to your yard, like bees and butterflies.Succulents are a great choice for a current look that doesn’t need much care. They need little water and do well in full sun. Each plant has its own unique shape, color, and feel. Plants that store water in their leaves are called succulents. This makes them drought-resistant and easy to care for.

Best plants for oversized planters in shade

If you have big pots in shady parts of your yard, you can still fill them with plants that will bring life and color.Hostas are green plants that come in many colors and sizes and are known for their thick leaves. Hostas do best in shady areas and can make over-sized vases more interesting by adding texture and depth.

They do best in dirt that drains well and need to be watered regularly when it’s dry.Ferns: Ferns are a standard choice for places that get shade. They have soft, fluffy leaves that make any pot look more elegant. Ferns do best in wet soil and shade, so they are a great choice for big pots in shady parts of your yard. These bright annual flowers do best in shade and are great for giving your big pots a splash of color. As the summer goes on, impatiens bloom in lots of different colors, from bright pink to soft pastels. They do best in dirt that drains well and gets regular watering.

Tips for proper care and maintenance of plants in oversized planters

After picking out the right plants for your big pots, it’s important to give them the care and attention they need to grow well. Here are some ways to keep your plants healthy and make them last longer:

  • Watering: To keep the dirt moist, large pots need to be watered often. Regularly check how wet the dirt is and water it as needed, making sure to remember that each plant has its own watering needs. Don’t water too much, because that can cause root rot and other problems.
  • Feeding: To give your plants the nutrients they need during the growing season, use a slow-release fertilizer. Follow the directions on the fertilizer package to get the right amount and how often to use it. To help plants stay healthy, you might also want to add organic fertilizers like soil or liquid seaweed.
  • Cutting back branches and flowers: Cutting back branches and flowers on a regular basis helps your plants keep their shape and look. Get rid of any broken or dead leaves and flowers to make the plant grow new ones and bloom for longer. Pruning also keeps things from getting too crowded and makes sure there is enough air flow.

Creative ideas for arranging plants in oversized planters

Putting plants in pots that are too big for them is a chance to show off your style and creativity. Here are some ideas to get you going:

  • Thriller, filler, and spiller: As the focus (the “thriller”), you should choose a tall, eye-catching plant. Then, place medium-sized plants around it as borders, and let drooping plants hang over the ends of the planter. This makes a design that is lively and pleasing to the eye.
  • Using the same color: Pick plants whose colors go well together to make the whole thing look nice. For instance, put together purple and yellow flowers for a bright and eye-catching look, or use different shades of pink or blue for a one-color pattern.
  • Texture and contrast: To make things look more interesting, mix plants with different surfaces. Plants with sharp leaves, like yucca or decorative grasses, should be mixed with plants with broad, soft leaves, like hostas or ferns. This makes a nice difference and gives your pots more depth.

Expert advice on choosing plants for oversized planters

We asked gardening expert Jane Smith for advice on how to pick plants for pots that are too big. Jane says, “It’s important to think about the overall design and purpose of your garden when choosing plants for large planters.” Pick plants that go well with the rest of the environment and make it look like it belongs together. Also, don’t be afraid to try out different plant arrangements and mixtures to make displays that are truly one-of-a-kind.

Jane also stressed how important it is to take care of plants the right way: “Don’t forget that bigger planters need more water and nutrients than smaller planters.” Make sure you water and feed your plants regularly, and change how you take care of them based on what each one needs. You can enjoy bright and healthy plants in your big pots as long as you give them the right conditions and care.


Putting plants in big pots can make your yard look better and give it a beautiful focal point. You can choose the right plants for your big pots by thinking about things like how much sun they will get, whether they will do well in your area, and their size. Don’t forget to give it the care and attention it needs, like watering, feeding, and trimming it regularly. Use your imagination while arranging plants, and look into other giant planter possibilities from nearby garden stores, internet merchants, and regional craftspeople. If you want your large planter projects to go well, don’t make the same mistakes other people do and get professional help when you need it. Your big pots will become the focal point of your yard if you plan and pay attention to them. They will add beauty and life to your outdoor area.

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